Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Few pics of Activators Megatron + Grimlock...

There really isn't much to do in terms of a review, they are pretty straight forward. I had problems with transforming the Megatron to his heli mode. I found out that it was a common problem to this figure, so I am just going to stick with it. Articulation on the Grimlock is amazing for a figure of this size. His tail definitely helps in his poses as a third leg. Megatron's articulation is okay, not as good as Grimlock. The piece on his back is heavy and big, so his poses are limited.

I just felt like snapping a few pics of toys tonight since I haven't done so for a while. Maybe I will snap more later to show off their articulation.

I am not as good as Leon at captioning his pics, so I will just leave that task to the minds of my fellow readers.


  1. Jcee don't said that. Your photos are much more well captured!

    I love the middle picture best! Waiting for more photos from you. :D

  2. Thanks Leon, I meant captioning (like adding what they say). Because I feel this set of pics should depict some type of story...but I cannot express it...hahahah

  3.'s my takes for the 3 pictures in sequence.

    Pic 1. Megatron: Bow before me, Mighty Megatron! you puny Autobots!
    Pic 2. Grimlock: Me Grimlock, King!
    Pic 3. Grimlock: Me Angry, You DIE!

    I wonder what yours and other depiction will be. Will very much want to hear it. :)

    btw what camera, lens and mode are you using when you are taking this photos?

  4. That is what I had in mind when I was snapping these pics lol!

    My camera is just a P&S, it's a Panasonic FZ18. I use manual mode with the biggest aperture available and just play with the shutter.

  5. Your mid pic not done in micro mode?

  6. I control the bokeh(blurred background) with two factors. First, there is the focal length (amount of zoom). The more zoom, the shorter the depth of field (DOF, area of picture in focus). Another is the distance between the figures. In this case, the Megatron is placed far behind Grimlock, so the DOF cannot "reach" it when I focus on Grimlock, hence Megatron is blurry instead of being in focus.