Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Lockdown was one of the characters that I just fell in love with the moment I saw it on Transformers Animated. I had the regular version of the toy from way back, but recently added several additions. I acquired the Stealth Lockdown, Blazing Lockdown, and the Lockdown from the movie line "Hunt for the Decepticons". The weird thing is I could have sworn I already had the HFTD Lockdown since I remember the design was really similar to the Animated version, but darker and I loved it. But when I cleaned up my collection recently, I noticed he was missing. After some digging around, I couldn't find him so I got a used one locally.

Out of the four Lockdowns, I have to say my favourite is the Blazing Lockdown. The gold colors along with the black just makes him look AMAZING! It's always fun to add to the Animated collection as I absolutely LOVE the aesthetics of the line. It's really too bad they ended it so early. I usually don't get color variants of characters, but Animated is my exception to this rule because they RULE!


Blazing Lockdown

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