Saturday, January 31, 2015

The last piece to my Black Rock Shooter collection

As some of you might know, I went back to school to get my Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering this past September. In my first term, I was doing part-time school and part-time work, it was a hard juggle from going to work and having to get into the habit of doing homework and studying again, but I survived and past my first term. However, this second term, I decided I want to concentrate on my studies so I quit my job altogether and went full-time at school with 4 courses. So far, it's been tough, especially this past week when the work started piling on. I have two assignments due next week that I should really be working on now but I've literally been working on them 12 hours straight each day for the past few days that I am getting burned out so I needed to take a breather and decided to write something here! 

Anyways, since I am studying full-time now, that means I have zero income. Yup, I am back to being a poor student. That also means I shouldn't be buying any unnecessary stuff now (ie. TOYS) since I need to live on my savings until I graduate in summer 2016. I've already halted a lot of my toy spending habits up to start of the semester last term. I actually think I had a compulsive spending behavior when it comes to toys, but I think I have recovered from that now that there's other stuff to worry about (mainly school work). However, there are certain items that I think and consider for quite some time and decided to pick it up in the end. One of these is the figma Chariot from Black Rock Shooter. I didn't preorder it from Amiami so I ended up paying a bit more for it on HLJ. I figured if I don't get this now, I will end up paying several times this much in a year for this figure seeing the prices of all the BRS figures have gone up like crazy. 

I opted for the cheapest SAL shipping method and the figure finally arrived sometime this week. I am glad I have this figure in my possession now since I won't have to worry about aftermarket prices later on. I am a huge BRS fan, I just love the aesthetics of the character designs. Chariot is the last piece I need in my collection. I will post an updated collection display when I have time to open the toy.



  1. OOooh! She's finally out! Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master were the reasons I originally bought into figma in the first place, back in the day. If Chariot had been out then, I would certainly have got this.