Saturday, December 6, 2014

Amiibo Kirby

I picked up my first Nintendo Amiibo today for Super Smash Brothers on the Wii U. I decided to get Kirby because he is my favourite character to use because of his attack copying power. I didn't really get into the whole toy figure/video game thing like Skylanders and Disney Infinity because they seem like they are for little kids. So when Nintendo announced these Amiibo figures, I just brushed it off. But I saw these figures in the store and really want to try one to see what it's all about.

The packaging is actually quite nice and it is perfect to keep NIB for display. But I bought this for the NFC functionality so I ripped it out of its packaging the moment I got home. The figure itself is quite hefty and doesn't feel cheap at all. The paint job is clean and it looks really nice, but it's Kirby so he's pretty simple to begin with. So basically what these little figures do is they allow you to own and create a customized AI for yourself. You can actually do this in the game without owning an Amiibo already, but apparently the more you train with it, the better it gets. I am not sure if it actually fights to your fighting style. But I can definitely see the progress now that I got him up to level 50 (the cap).

I think I will pick up a few more of my favourite characters that do not have figures in the future, but I feel it's sort of expensive for what it is ($15 after tax here in Canada).


  1. Never seen these or heard of these before...Kirby looks great!

    1. Ya they have quite a few of them out now and some of them do really look cool!