Wednesday, October 23, 2013 Ordeal (Update #1)

This is just an update to the ordeal I am having with
The background is detailed in this post here.

I logged a dispute with Paypal on Monday on my first order (ordered on September 17, 2013). Haven't heard any reply from them yet.

I was thinking today, since emails are private between the buyer and the seller, it is easy for the seller to ignore them and not be effected since no potential or current buyers would know about it. So what better way to get their attention than to post on their social media site, right?

I logged onto Facebook and search WBCollect, and there they were! Saw the most recent post of another buyer saying how good WBCollect is and how fast they ship. So I posted a reply to that with, "Not so here, 3 weeks no shipping, no reply to emails, now going through Paypal to get my refund."

Then after dinner, literally within 15 minutes of my post, guess what?
I FINALLY get an email reply from WBCollect.
Here's their email:

I'm assuming your Jackson Chung ?
This order shipped I was waiting on completing the refund hoping the item
would show up I will process it tonight when i get near a computer wasn't
able to from my phone I will also verify your other orders have shipped any
questions email me directly at

Your order has been updated to the following status:

New status: Pending

Please reply to this email if you have any questions

I went back to check their Facebook page and of course my reply was deleted, as expected.

If I do end up getting the item AND the refund, I will gladly send the money back.
It's one or the other, I want the toy if possible, but if not, then I would like my money back please.

Again for background on this post, go here:

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