Sunday, October 20, 2013

My new toy

Some of you might remember I took a motorcycle course back in July. The original plan was to get the gear this winter during the sales and then get the bike in spring next season. Well, I got the gear during the "End of season" sales at the end of September and ended up grabbing a bike as well! I finally took delivery of my new-to-me '07 Suzuki GS500F yesterday. I bought it from a store called GPBikes which is about an hour away. The plan was for them to deliver it (free of charge for bikes sold in October), but then I'd have to wait until Monday, take time off work and wait for them to deliver it. One of my friends (that's also a rider) offered to ride it back for me on Saturday instead so I can ride today (Sunday). But man oh man, when we got to the store, it was POURING outside. I was actually regretting getting my friend to ride in this downpour because it was going to be dangerous on my little bike. In the end, after a long and scary ride (I was following in the back in my car), we made it back.

 Here's his Ninja 650 in front and my GS500 in the back. JAC_2071

Since it was raining for the rest of the day yesterday I didn't get to ride until today. To be honest, I was quite intimidated and scared. I had full gear (helmet, armored leather jacket, armored kevlar jeans, armored boots, armored gloves). But once I took off, it was like a natural thing, just like riding a bike. Although I admit I still forget to turn off my turning signals (I had them on pretty much the whole ride). And I could use some practicing on my downshifting timings. But it was a lot easier to pick up then expected. I rode around the neighbourhood for 3 hours just now and had to take a rest because I was getting too cold. But OMFG IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!! New toy...mmmm

And my steampunk lid! Steampunk lid


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    1. Hahaha my friend told me to cosplay as a Kamen Rider with my bike too lol!