Saturday, September 15, 2012

[SHFiguarts] Kamen Rider W Heat Metal

Finally got the last main form I needed for my Kamen Rider W collection!

Had to stalk Amiami's preowned section for at least a month or two before I was able to snatch up this figure. I still remember seeing this in my last Hong Kong trip at regular price, but for some reason passed on it. Now I was able to finally get this figure, but at double the price!

Lesson learned = buy first, think later...LOL

Kamen Rider Double Heat Metal


  1. I really need to save up and buy one or two of these!

    1. You should watch some of the Kamen Rider series first to see which ones you like. There are sooo many Figuarts of the riders, I only buy the ones I've watched in the shows and I think I have finally caught up with the releases haha.