Sunday, April 10, 2011

Toronto Comic Con

[EDIT] - Added a few more shots that didn't come out as sharp as I'd like, but it does show some more coverage of the event.

Just went to my first convention today, it was the Toronto Comic Con Fan Appreciation event. The show wasn't that big, but the admission was free so it was no biggie. I didn't really get that many pics of the event because I was busy checking out all the toys that were for sale there haha! I had to control myself not to splurge on all the Marvel stuff they had there at awesome prices too! 

Look at all those Marvel Universes!!! The prices were really good for these, I wanted to get all of them!!! LOL


There were some cute buttons for sale there too, the zombies remind me of Plants vs. Zombie haha


There were a booth with a bunch of what I assume to be Heroclix figures, these were tiny, but they were really detailed!


My friend going through some GIJoe stuff...


And of course, there were a lot of comics...


There were also a lot of famous comic book artists here for autographs and selling their drawing. I really wanted to pick up several drawings, but I had nothing to carry them with. I was going for a shoot around town with some friends after too so I didn't want to have too much load. Do you recognize any of them?




And last of haul...see I was IN control! LOL



  1. OMG! Where you get the angry bird? It's in a capsule? Are they original? I want the whole set please!

  2. Haha my sister actually got me the angry bird from a gashapon machine at the mall.

  3. Too cool! I would of had a blast there i bet. : )

  4. Yup, I bet you would! Even though the event was small, I had a blast there since I have never seen that high concentration of superhero toys for sale in one place at once before. This was quite the experience. But this is just an appetizer to the Fan Expo in August which from what I heard is a GIGANTIC event!

  5. So many MU toys! And at Canadian dollar prices!!!!!! lol

    Looks like you had a great time. I managed to get to TCon a few years back and had a blast. I even got to meet Giles from BtVS!

    Congrats on the haul too. You showed excellent control. More than most of us could, I think. That Iron man looks great btw!