Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The last of it...

I think I am done spending $$ in HK now. I've FINALLY found a store with the Wingblade Optimus Prime, it was spendy, but it was a MUST HAVE for me so I am glad I finally found it. I saw it while window shopping "In's Point" since most stores were closed, had to wait about 2 hours before that store open! I spent that time debating on which set of headphones to get though, ended up with the WS70's by Audio Technica. It was between these and the Pro700's which were a bit more expensive, I only got to test out the Pro700's and WS50's (lower model than the 70). I liked the solid bass on the WS series better, but prefer the comfort of the Pro700's, so it was a tough choice since there was no demo for the WS70's. However, I am glad I went with these, they are a bit bigger than the 50's which made them more comfortable and the solid bass is even SWEETER than the 50's. I've only had a couple minutes on them so far and I can tell the difference between these and the 50's. It was definitely worth the price (almost double of the WS50).

Anyways, after I bought the headphones I went back to the store before and it still wasn't open! So I just walked around and ended up getting Lugnut for a super good deal as well, it was too cheap not to buy. Went back to the store one last time (needed to meet up for dinner soon) and finally it was open. Asked for the price and I hesitated for a bit, but I knew I had to have this prime even though I just bought the regular voyager animated prime last week. I am glad I picked it up after all! They also had Blackout, but I didn't have any money left LOL!



  1. I missed the animated Blackout too!

  2. Seems like you got what you wanted..definitely a good holiday trip to you :)