Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hong Kong - Day 1

Arrived at Hong Kong today at around 1pm. First thing I noticed once I got out of the plane was the intense heat, man I am having a workout just by walking around! Checking out went smoothly and I was out of the airport in about 20 minutes from arrival. My uncle and aunt came to pick me up from the airport.

Sure looks different from Toronto...

Dropped off my stuff at my uncle's place and then went for lunch. All of this for just $24 HKD (drink, noodles, bread/biscuit thingy), that's just a bit over $3 CDN! Cheap AND GOOD food...there's gona be a lot of this...hahahha

After lunch, we dropped by Mong Kwok to check out the well known "RC Heaven" and it sure did not disappoint! There were waaaay too many stores and stuff to check out and the prices were pretty much 50% of those in Canada. Also saw several toy stores that I will be sure to come back and check out. Will come back later for sure.

Look at all those Mini-Z bodies! These are just a small part of it, there are WAAAY more selection from other stores.

Had some Japanese noodles and dishes for dinner at Waraku(?)

Some green apple alcoholic drink...

Didn't get pictures of everything as I was already dead tired by this time...thought I was in one of my going to HK dreams again LOL

Let's get on with Day 2!


  1. I remember I came across a shop that even sell the model of Buses. I missed HK...:(

  2. Awesome! Hope u have a great holiday there. ;)

  3. The pictures in the Hong Kong are very beautiful. And you also discussing about the food of the Hong Kong as it is cheap and best.