Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Repaint: ROTF Sideswipe (Part 1)

Never was a fan of silver cars, so I want to do a G1 repaint for Sideswipe.

The finish on the largest piece is not as good as I'd hope for. Turns out it was because I didn't thin the paint enough for my airbrush. Did the other pieces today with 1:1 paint-to-thinner ratio and the paint came out much smoother. The finish is definitely better. More work on the body after I let the paint cure for a few days. Tomorrow I will be painting the robotic parts.


  1. That very bold of you Bro. Did you remove the previous paint before you paint it?

  2. I'm definitely interested in how this turns out, especially since I have the same toy. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Leon and Mario!

    Leon, I tried to remove the paint using several types of thinner. The hobby type did nothing on the paint, the industrial took the paint right off though, but along with the plastic! So I just resorted to sanding it down some.

  4. I think Gundam marker has one that remove paints but I am not sure how well it works. Can't wait to see the final product.