Monday, July 13, 2009

New Display Case

Got a good deal on an IKEA Detolf display case from a friend of mine today. Now it's display along with my original Detolf.

Time to stock it up

Results. I openned 12 toys that I kept NIB, what a great feeling to Open The Toy! I left an empty slot for future additions of Transformers Animated stuff. One for Autobots and one for Decepticons. TFA is still my favourite line at the moment although I don't have a lot of them yet.


  1. Jcee, good to hear you have new display cases. You will have more and more toys to display (Toys N More) soon. Let's build up our collection :)

  2. I feel so happy for you buddy! You now have rooms for more toys!! Thanks for linking me too! I wish I got more rooms for i headache as I am running out of space and thus I did not really do up my BB gundam and Keroro....

  3. Besides getting excited over toys, I get excited over display cases too! I just love to show off the figures I have!
    Nice set up!!!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @desmond: Yes I hope to keep increasing my collection! Hahaha

    @Leon: I hope to have time to build and finish my three remaining keroro-bots, then I think I will display them in combined form since that sort of saves up space and looks more cool haha

    @Dash: Thanks! I checked out your blog and you have a nice collection too! I am a fan of NECA stuff too.

    @LPM: Haha me too, I love going to IKEA to check out possible display shelves. Glass doors on display cases just make everything so much better too lol

  5. ....... I just realized we have the exact same tv.......