Saturday, October 3, 2015

Japan Loot #1

I haven't taken any pictures of my toys for a while and the shot I took of the minifigure witch earlier today has sort of rekindled this part of the hobby for me. I am going to start a mini series documenting the stuff I got from my Japan trip this summer.

A majority of my haul from Japan is Ultraman-related because it's rare to find Ultraman stuff anywhere else and I am a huge fan of the original Ultraman. Got this little piece from a second hand store in Akihabara called Liberty. Liberty is a chain of second hand toys in Akihabara, I think they have 3-4 stores there. Each store varies from 1 floor to as many as 8 floors. One can find many figures for a discounted price there and since Japanese collectors take care of their toys really well, it's almost like buying new except you might not get the box/packaging.

I personally like to scour the chain's capsule toy/miniature figures floor which contains isles of these little figures from candy toys to capsule toys packaged into little white tagged plastic bags. The best part of going through these toys is you will never know what you are going to find, so it's sort of like treasure hunting. The price ranges from 100-800 yen depending on the size, details, and rarity of the figures.

Here's one of the many treasures that I found in one of my Liberty hunts. Pen for size reference.
Ultraman diorama

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