Monday, April 2, 2012

Here's a new idea for displaying your figures...

I just gotta show you guys these action figure "clips" that I stumbled upon on a forum. They are clips for action figures with a magnet base, allowing the figures to cling on any magnetic surfaces. The store also sells some powder-coated pieces to use with their clips. I was going to order some to mess around with, but at last the shipping to up here in Canada killed the deal for me. I was going to try 10 of them out for $13, but shipping to Canada is another $30, so I gotta pass on them. But for those of you in the states, you guys probably get little to no shipping. And man I had an idea in my mind of a magnetic wall display too! LOL that would be FUN!

Check them out at Blazon Displays!

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  1. These are a neat ideal JC and i like the display cases they were showing on the site too.