Sunday, December 12, 2010

Powercore Combiners Bombshock

Wanted to try out a PCC 5-pack for a while, didn't really like any of them except for Combaticons and the Dinobots. Picked up the Combaticons yesterday from a Xmas sale, he's alright, overall the robot mode looks a bit flat (front to back), but I am really digging how the limbs transform when pegged to the center bot. Pretty cool gimmicks and all, I will grab the dinobots when I see one just because they're the dinobots, but I am not too impressed with this series.


  1. I will buy in if all parts of the vehicle can transform but only the main body can be transform in both forms. So not for me. :)

  2. Ya that was one thing I was disappointed with in this line. If they made it like Bruticus and Superion, then these would be much better, but more expensive as well.

  3. I bought Bombshock and the Comabticons a couple of months back. I think he looks pretty cool when all is said and done. These go for $15 at Wal-Mart now, I bought him when he first came out for $20.:( I also did a review of him on my blog. You should check it out.