Sunday, January 17, 2010

New haul

Finally picked up Samurai Prowl today! The local Toysrus's have been pretty dry for TFA for a few months, but they finally restocked! Also saw Electrostatic Soundwave, but I will wait for a sale first. The DCIH's were from a week or two back. I was curious how they are since they are 3 3/4" (my new favourite scale) and got several of them on clearance. Even at clearance price, I didn't think they are worth it. The articulation sucks and they are made of a soft plastic making them feel like something you'd expect to get in a McDonalds Happy Meal. But I've always wanted a figure of Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, so it was alright (and OMAC just looks cool!)

I will try to make time for a review of these toys at the end of the week.


  1. How much was the clearance price for the DC Universe? I hope they are more toys for the Transformers Animated series. It very quite over my end for this line too.

  2. @LEon: They were $3 each, original price is $10.99! I don't know why anyone would pay the original price for these figures lol

  3. You are right Jcee. If it is $3 SGD I will start collecting. It small and articulation is basic too.