Friday, April 22, 2016

Transformers Animated Collection - Completed...again?

I am pretty sure I posted a complete picture of my Transformers Animated collection several times already, but it never is complete because there are always those elusive figures that are just sooo hard to find. I think I started this collection around 2009. It is now a third through 2016 and I have made significant progress in this collection. It is one of the few collections that I just cannot bring myself to sell even though I don't have room to display it in my new home. Maybe some day when I can afford a bigger home, this collection will come live with me.

Anyways, several new pieces I have acquired for this collection since then are mainly most of the Hasbro repaints. I seriously don't even know why I wanted them, but I guess deep in my mind, I am still wishing Animated didn't end so early. I have just acquired the most elusive figure of all for me personally, Takara Blackout! Arghh I saw this brand new when I was in HK late 2010 after graduating, but ended up getting Jetwing Prime over it (my Jetwing Prime is still NIB btw). I also acquired another set of the Jet twins to display as Safeguard. Other big purchases include the Shadow Blade Megatron, which cost me waaaaay more than I should have paid for it, but they were offset by sales I made on a lot of other figures. Another one is Atomic Lugnut, seemed like I've seen this guy tons of times, but when I wanted to get him, he was nowhere to be found.

That's it for now, there are still a few I want in the Animated series, namely, the Botcon Toxitron, that one is a beauty. And the TFCC Animated Cheetor, which I actually saw them get cleared out a while back, should have gotten one that time...but you know how it always happens. You don't want it until it's unavailable! LOL!




  1. wow you have more transformers animated than me!!

  2. Nice Transformers collection! But I'm eyeing on your Power Rangers Megazord