Sunday, November 27, 2011

Display updates

I just opened the figma Dead Master that I bought from a local collector today and put her into my Black Rock Shooter/female figures display. While I am at it, I took a picture of my Kamen Rider display as well since I don't think I've taken an update pic of this display yet.

Re-posing the Revoltech Saber Alter figure (purple one) reminded me why I didn't like Revoltech figures (although I have still been buying certain figures from them). Because of the Revoltech joints, the range of motion is limited to discrete steps instead of freely throughout the range of the joint. Therefore sometimes when you want to make a figure stand up normally, the combination of the thigh, knee, and ankle joints need to be fudged with a lot for it to stand up straight, most of the time it's either too much to lean forward or too much lean backwards. It's just not as fun to pose as figma which didn't have the clickity-clack joints like the Revoltech joints.

This is what I like to refer to as my Decade shelf since it's in Kamen Rider Decade where I was introduced to all these riders.


  1. Poor saber. The only revoltech among the figmas. LOL

  2. You really do a great job displaying your figures.And jboypac's right those Kamen figures are sick!

  3. This makes feel that I don't have enough anime action figures.

  4. @Leon: Ya after getting the Revoltech figure, it left a bad taste in my mouth for Revoltechs, they are such a pain to pose correctly. After getting my first figma, I have to agree that figma's are much better than Revoltech for female figures.

    @jboypacman: Ya I am proud of this display, it reminds me of the All Rider War movie that sprout out of the Decade series.

    @actionfig: Thanks! I try to display them in such a way that it reminds me of why I like these figures so much. Like hopefully in 20 years from now I will still remember where these characters are from haha!

    @Yelinna: I personally don't even watch any anime at all haha. I got these figures just because I really like how they look. So just get what you like and make yourself happy! Don't necessary need to be a fan of the character to enjoy its designs.

  5. Cool figures especially those gals. Like the pose of Hatsune Miku descending.

  6. @JCee: Hi! I walk by the flea market, find something I like and I can pay, take that plastic animal/action Figure with me, if it belong to a cartoon/movie/anime series try to identify it, sometimes I end being a fan of that series.

    That's how I ended being fan of the Justice League/Jurassic Park/Ben 10/random animes sort of fan :)
    Everything starts with those amazing toys :D

    Currently My Little Pony wants my soul.

  7. @Dennis: Haha ya that Miku figure looks great! Too bad I didn't have the chance to get the original Miku figure. Now I want that one lol!

    @Yelinna: Haha funny how that works huh? And that happened to me a lot too mostly with these anime figures since their designs are so interesting, I research on what anime they are from and end up becoming a fan too. The Black Rock Shooter is the prime example of that haha.

  8. Bro, love the kamen rider figures you collected :P